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Helping performers soar by nurturing
Confidence. Passion. Connection.
Helping performers soar by nurturing
Your Story. The light that burns within you deserves to shine into the world, but too often we allow our fears and performance anxiety to dim that light. Musicians, performers, presenters... find the help you need to feel confident and excel while sharing your best work with the world.
These opportunities allow you to strengthen your inner knowing and external sharing. From public speaking to performing with any instrument, Songflight Studio helps you develop your confidence so you can bring your true passion into the world and foster connection by sharing your message. Your Story.

Welcome! I'm so happy that you've found your way to our corner of the world. At Songflight Studio, we strive to ensure that you feel supported and heard on your journey toward your goals, and we feel truly grateful that you are trusting us to be your guides throughout your personal growth. We are happy to help.
Amber Nicole Dilger,
owner and founding teacher
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