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One-on-one... I started my business over 20 years ago as a private instructor and nothing makes me happier than helping you achieve your goals. Whether it is live online, on location, or in my studio in Cary, North Carolina, there is something so special about being fully present for you, in this moment.

Please visit my private teaching website to learn more about my studio, as well as fill out a short application so we can see if we'll be a good fit with each other.

Amber Nicole is an amazing teacher. My daughter and I both took lessons from her, and she's made the experience so much fun. She is very warm, enthusiastic and genuine, and her lessons seem to be completely tailored to best suit each individual person's strengths, interests and challenges. She spends time staying on top of neuroscience to help understand how the brain works and interprets information in a musical capacity, which I thought was pretty awesome! When I'm not "getting" something she's quick to "diagnose" the situation and explain how my brain is playing a role and what I can do to overcome the issue. I feel like her knowledge and interest has given me such a valuable experience, and I was surprised to see the progress I made in a relatively short amount of time. She's always quick to reply to questions between lessons with thoughtful answers, suggestions and tips. I think Amber Nicole goes above and beyond to give her students a fantastic musical experience and is really invested in the growth and progression of her students.

~Jessica Riphenburg
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